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Sometimes we have trouble filling our days with fun things to do.

You know…things that don’t include

poop, food, cleaning, diapers, snot, baths, and more poop

We try to make it to the pool now and then.

We go for lots of walks.

and we sit for hours on the porch just watching the babies

There have been many times when I wished I had a camera

on my forehead so I could share their cuteness with you.

Today, I did.

Gwen and Suzanne inspired us to chop the sleeves off

our 147 shirts so that they’re bearable to wear in Uganda

Turns out the sleeves make stylish head wraps

and you know how little Africans love head wraps.:)



Baby Girl & Sweet Pea

We encourage sharing in our house…

even if it means walking a little slower because there’s a sister attached to your pacifier.


My adorable little editor…


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