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:: introducing alinda rose

Our little Ugandan family has grown by two more tiny feet.


March 6, 2011

6lbs  3oz   ::   20 inches

She’s just 2 weeks old, and came to us with no name.

In the book For the Life of the World: Sacraments and Orthodoxy, the author gives this beautiful description of the power in naming. Rachel and I take very seriously the privilege and responsibility that is ours in choosing names for these precious babies. This quotation wraps up how we feel about each of our children’s names:

Now, in the Bible a name…reveals the very essence of a thing, or rather its essence as God’s gift…To name a thing is to manifest the meaning and value God gave it, to know it as coming from God and to know its place and function within the cosmos created by God. To name a thing, in other words, is to bless God for it and in it.”

And so, our desire was that God would be honored in her name and that her name would be a reminder as she grows of his tender care of her life.

Since she’s so little, she’s been coming with us to the clinic during the day. She gets passed around among the staff and they love her! They gave her a Ugandan surname, Alinda (pronounced ah-LEEN-dah). The name means, “God cares” or “God protects”. It comes from the verb kulinda which means “to care for”. We love this verb because it was one of the first words we learned in Runyoro. So many people came up to us saying, “Webale kulinda abaana.” We finally had to ask someone what it meant. It means, “Thank you for caring for our children.” Maybe carrying the name Alinda will remind sweet Ali Rose that God has cared for her since the day she was born…that her life is precious to him…and to so many others.

There are so many perfect pictures of this little one that I had to sum them up in a collage. Enjoy:

1. Baby Rose’s first hair bow

2. My view of Baby Rose in the Moby

3. E&E are thrilled to have a little sister, although they are both very jealous of her tiny fro

4. Purple is officially her color

5. tiny hand

6. baby wrinkles

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