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The music choice for this video was intentional. Grace Will Be My Song by Steve Fee has been one of my favorites for a while and the chorus perfectly describes how we feel about the fact that Eli is starting to walk.

If you had seen him on September 2nd, 2010, you would have wondered with us if he would even live to be old enough to walk. We prayed over this boy, that God would not only heal him, but make him strong and healthy and an advocate for others with living with HIV. Today, Rachel and I sat on our front porch talking about how amazing it would be to get to see Eli’s first steps…click on the video below to see what we saw:

The glory for this child’s life goes to Jesus and only to him. Rachel and I will both tell you that we dragged our feet a little when we knew God was whispering to us to come to Uganda. Our heart’s desire was to work with orphans and we shook our heads when He pointed us towards a little town in the middle of Uganda where our primary role would be training Ugandan nurses. We wondered why He would send us there when He had given us such a love for orphans. There were moments along the way when both of us wondered if we should even go. Then there was September 2nd, just a few weeks after we landed in Uganda. We met Eli and Ellie and now, looking back, we know exactly why we came to Uganda. It has been a lesson to both of us in NEVER saying “no” to God. He has used our dragging feet and our frustrated wills to give these two little ones health and a family (more on that SOON!).

Never say no to God. You might miss someone like this.

  • Debi B - I can SO RELATE!!! I LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing so openly and vulnerably. He is sooooooo adorable!!!ReplyCancel

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