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Today is National Adoption Day. Last month, I got to spend the week with the precious family that adopted Ali Rose. Some of you might remember the day we welcomed Ali Rose into our home last year. I remember knowing deep within my heart that she was destined to be a Morrow and have never […]

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  • Rachael - This is absolutely beautiful. We said goodbye to our seventh foster-baby just before this Christmas. I miss her so much, but it’s so good to be used by God in this way and be the part of His forming a brand new family. We have moved on to adoption now, but foster care is so dear to us and we have made a lot of lifelong friends!ReplyCancel

One year ago today we were still giddy over the newest baby in our home. She was so tiny and perfect and unexpected. She didn’t have a name yet, but we were in love. We spent the afternoon looking at her toes, running out fingers through her perfect hair and throwing out name possibilities. Of […]

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  • Lexi - LOVE THIS…and I so needed that last reminder as it looks like I am gearing up for a long year ahead.ReplyCancel

February 6th, 2011 was just an ordinary day. We took a donation of clothes to the child care center down the road and carefully fitted each little girl with a brightly-colored outfit of her own. They filed in one by one, kneeing in gratitude, and then dashed off giggling to show their friends. Near the […]

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  • Alyssa MacMillan - I’ve been following these blogs for quite awhile and I’ve decided that transformation in people, because of LOVE from others and from our Father, brings more JOY into my heart than anything else I can think of. Lily’s transformation is clearly seen in her eyes. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and (their journeys) with us, Mandie.
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  • Cindy - Sweet girl.

    Just as the soft rains fill the streams, pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans, so may the power of every moment of your goodness flow forth to awaken and heal all beings, Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.ReplyCancel