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** The purpose of posting this information here is to give you a place to get started from. You’ll find a list of blogs from families currently in the process of adopting or living life as an adoptive family. (If you’d like your blog added, please let me know!) At the end of this page, you’ll find some links to everything from domestic to international adoption, special needs, HIV, older children, RAD, grants, insurance, and more.

If any of you can fill in gaps here (missing names, places, websites that you’ve found helpful) PLEASE comment and let me know!

This page is always changing and updating, so check back soon…

Mandie Joy

P.S. Here is my pinterest board, where I try to post the most helpful books, websites, and blogs on adoption:


Questions & Answers about adoption that I have found helpful: 

(some of these are country specific)

Adoption Journey –

Show Hope –

Linny Saunders –

Colleen Jobe –

Sara Brinton –



Adoption Blogs by country:

*if your family falls under a category listed (or not listed!) here, PLEASE email me so I can add you!

* names in bold are people I actually know.:)



Christina Felten

Jonathan & Chasity Cole  –

Lora Lynn –

Matt & Lovelyn Palm

Sam and Ashlee Andrews

Melissa Minnix:

Chris & Meghan Matt–

Steve and Janelle Knight ~

Amiee and Todd Reeves –

Lara Dinsmore

Melissa Busby


Sara Hagerty –

Audrey Brown –

Sara Brinton –

Cindy Burt –

Shelli Massie –

Linny Saunders –



Sara Hagerty –

the Outman Family –

Susan –

Erica Shubin –

Diana –
Cindy Burt –

Rachel Walser (Rachel has awesome fundraising resources!)



Megan – (good RAD information!)

Jen and Adam –

the Sanders –

the Hattons –


Diana –



Julie –



for my blogs about living with a child who has HIV, click here and here.

Daniel & Chantelle ––chantelle.aspx

Suzanne Mayernick

Positively (HIV+) Orphaned (also has a great listing of adoption grants):



Linny Saunders is married, but has written a wonderful post about single adoption –



 Blog Posts:



Waiting Children Lists:

Project Hopeful –

Open Door Latvia –



Lovelyn Palm –



(please let me know if you’re involved in foster care so I can link to you here!)


Not called to adopt, but still want to be involved?

This post from Joy McCarnan has great ideas – 

Sites to go to for more information:

Country Information/ Waiting Child Listings/  Latest Adoption News:

Positively (HIV+) Orphaned (also has a great listing of adoption grants):

Financing/Grant Info/Resource Planning:

Excellent Adoption Reading List for children and adults:

Adoption Nutrition/ SPOON Foundation:

Online Adoption Videos (including cultural identity/gay adoption and more:

Are you ready for adoption?

What kind of adoption is right for you?

Adoption Tax Credit Info:

How to Support Adoptive Families:

Find an adoption support group in your area


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  • sheli massie - hi there… we too are in the process of adopting from uganda. we are still waiting for a refferal of a sibling pair. with special needs. come follow us on this journey of faith…at

  • April Houston - Thanks so much for the adoption resource page! I am sure that is to help us and possibly avoid a trillion emails and questions like this:) We are praying about Uganda adoption…we keep coming back to Uganda even after looking at other countries. I think I feel like we need an agency to navigate waters for us as this is our 1st adoption (3 bio boys at home) even though I know more and more people are coming to Uganda for independent adoptions. Any advice as far as you being on the ground, any agencies you can speak positively of? I love the blogs you listed (thanks!), I just know there is a lot to be said for what people like you on the ground would say. I am thankful for your journey and blog, I am a nurse too and was immediately drawn to your journey! Thanks for sharing what God has done. Any advice would be great! We are open to HIV too & I appreciate the info you listed! God bless!ReplyCancel

  • Diana - I am a friend of the Hagertys and an AP to Payton (age 2, domestic infant adoption) and Bunte (age 4, Ethiopia older child adoption). Don’t know how helpful my blog will be, but it is


  • CIndy - I would love to be added to your blogroll. We, as you know…LOL, have a daughter from Uganda and a daughter from Ethiopia as well. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Neufeld - HI.. our blog focuses both on our ministry and our family. We live and work as Missionaries in Mozambique, where we have adopted one child and hope to adopt another soon.

  • Heather Neufeld - Hey there- our blog is about our ministry and our family together, but we have adopted from Mozambique (where we live and work as Missionaries), you can us to the list if you like!ReplyCancel

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